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Black Cats Sexy Answer to Abuse Claims

I have had my artstation hit over 4 times now by the same person doing abuse claims to my 3d characters that aren't even naked when the pictures almost get over a certain amount of views? Well Here, Since you seem to look at my channel often. This is for you. Right back at ya. This isn't to anyone else. Someone just keeps doing this over and over when my views on a picture start to do really good. I wouldn't wish this on anyones station. My Latest Animation is here. Hope you check it out. Have other vids you can watch on my channel as well! please like and subscribe! Thanks Also follow me on here as well thank you. Once click for you makes my entire weekend. Thank you so much viewer! Leave me a comment down below something you might want to see in an upcoming animation?

Latest full animation here. If you like it please subscribe and give me a like. Means the world to me! Thanks.