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The Cyber Cartels Early Screenshots of my upcoming game. It's still being worked on

The game is still being made. I am adding stuff like crazy. Hope you like the game. It is set in the future. A bleak future. Where the government has full control. Kind of like Cyberpunk. The government starts working with the Cartels of the world. The Cartels kill your parents as a child and you as an adult have had enough. They kill and take whatever they want. The news media of the world is not allowed to talk about the corruption and blatantly hides the fact that their is such an thing as an Cartel. You will discover that this world is horrible. The new version of the Police are way worse than anything you have ever seen. They don't care what you look like, or what you stand for. There is no protection. No communities, no such thing almost as hope. Your character learns the hard way how to fight and become the weapon necessary to reach her goal and find the leader. She's not a hero. Simply put their aren't any in this world. She is a tool or an weapon. She doesn't complain about society because their isn't any society to complain about. You are lucky to make it home in one piece. Hope you enjoy and like the shots.