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My first game I am working on ,Screenshots, The 6th Gate Check out description for more info.

Pictures of the game. Some are of the older build. I just updated the game into Unreal Engine 5. In the game you can play as a Male or Female. The Main character is set to be a guy. He is a Ghost hunter and the lady that helps him is his assistant. The place they go was a staging ground for a hospice center, but secretly is an military base. As you go through the place you uncover that the Military opened a portal to hell and a demon that they refer to as Abaddon. The Destroyer in Revelation and in greek. Was set free, instead of letting people know the military abandon the place and left the residents to their fates. So you have to escape the place as the demons come after you. In the game the enemy is invincible so really dodging them is the only way around them. I really like that you can press 1 or 2 to switch between the characters at any given time. It's a first person true perspective. The Ai roams pretty randomly. So they can be pretty annoying and difficult to get around. I have through the building you have to find keys and open more doors. Some have hidden rooms that can lead you straight into the enemies hands. I know, I know. I am the worst. The game can be pretty challenging. Just please keep in mind. I am one person that makes this. Not an entire studio of hundreds of employees. Thanks.